Top 5 California Road Trip Games to Play in the Golden State

For many, the words “road trip” brings to mind the excitement of adventure with an often restless desire to arrive at that sometimes elusive final destination. In the interest of preserving important family bonds and passing time with greater ease, on-the-road games have become an integral part of any successful road trip and there is perhaps no better place to play them than in California!

From north to south, California’s picturesque views, varied landscape and open roads lend themselves to many of the requirements that ensure optimal road trip game playing.

Here are our Top Five Best Road Trip Games to play in the Golden State:

I Spy:

Did you know California is the third largest state in the United States? With 163,695 square miles of things to spot, the classic game, I Spy, could keep a car load occupied for the better part of a trip… or at least until its occupants get tired of trying to guess each others’ objects!

License Plates:

In 2009, California brought in a staggering $87.7 billion dollars from tourism making it the number one tourist state in the U.S. For fans of the License Plates Game, this translates to endless potential in spotting visitors’ plates from other states.

The Alphabet Game:

Players in the Alphabet Game have the objective of finding signs that begin, in order, with each letter of the alphabet and shouting it out before others. With 478 incorporated cities and towns, road trippers likely won’t experience a lack of signage in California.

Twenty Questions:

Pick a California landmark and let others guess what you are thinking of by playing Twenty Questions…then you can visit it!

The Banana Game:

California is known for its convertibles and flashy cars. The object of the Banana Game is for passengers to spot a yellow vehicle before another rider, and whoever has spotted the most by the time you reach your destination is the winner. The best part about this game is it can be played simultaneously with any other game.



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