Tips For Successful Meetings

Take it from those in the hotel/hospitality industry, the success of any meeting can be made or broken by a number of factors including but not limited to layout, medium, location, food and agenda. At Pacifica, we have played host to countless conventional and unconventional meetings and have experienced first-hand what an important role these factors play in creating the ideal atmosphere for meetings of all kinds.

To ensure your next meeting goes off without a hitch here are a few planning essentials and tips to include on your checklist.

Know Your Audience

Tailoring any meeting agenda is a simple question of concentrating relevant information into easily digestible segments. In most cases, participants will be engaged, but it is important to remember that many of them have likely traveled several hours to be present and their attention spans might reflect that. Choosing a venue with adequate amenities including space for staging materials and comfortable seating will allow for efficient presentation of information which shows respect for the audience and ensures both sides get the most from their experience.

Take Breaks

Anyone who has ever been to a corporate meeting knows how draining they can be in (even in an invigorating destination). Allow plenty of breaks and opportunities for meeting-goers to experience their surroundings. Everyone will be more energized and ready to tackle business if they aren’t itching to run out the door and explore their surroundings.

Do The Unexpected

Banquets are a great reward after spending hours concentrating in a meeting, but they are also predictable. Choosing a novel and versatile venue like one that is beachfront and steps away from the ocean allows for less predictability, and gives attendees a fresh experience. The convenience of such a location also offers an easy escape during those anticipated recesses, and helps set a positive tone for the entire event.

Enjoy Yourself

The final and most important meeting planning element to remember is to have some fun! Just because you organized the meeting doesn’t mean it has to be all work. You and attendees will be more relaxed and more likely to have a favorable experience overall.

Choosing the right venue for a corporate meeting is essential. Pacifica Hotels offers a range of venues, amenities and services to ensure your meeting is as successful as your business!

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