Redondo Beach Pier Rocks Out

Testing. Testing.  Running out of fun, budget-friendly activities this summer? Why not enjoy a FREE concert…or two? The Redondo Beach Pier Association is sponsoring the 2011 Summer of Music, featuring performances on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6-8pm through September 3rd in Southern California’s Redondo Beach.

What better way to enjoy the coast during summer than with ocean-front musical showcases that include R&B, Reggae, Brazilian, Indie Rock, Jazz, Country and 80’s tribute bands. Not only is the South Bay an ideal spot to listen to some tunes, it boasts inviting oceanfront restaurants and bars, classic seaside shops and miles of beach, making for the ultimate summer getaway.

Whether you come for the music, the surf or the escape, it’s best to stay where you can enjoy it all. Sunrise Hotel, located in Redondo Beach, is tuned in to what guests want. Perfectly positioned for visitors to indulge in every aspect that makes the area so alluring, Sunrise Hotel’s location should be music to your ears.

For a full lineup of the bands, visit:

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