Pacifica’s Special Touches

Pacifica Hotels is known for its special touches and attention to detail. One way the hotels do this is by welcoming guests with fun towel shapes. We’re highlighting FogCatcher Inn, Fireside Inn and Pelican Inn & Suites in Cambria, CA, which are warming the hearts of guests with their animal-shaped towel creations. Led by Chilo, the resident towel-folding expert, guests can request anything from bunnies to hearts.

 Chilo took a few minutes to answer our questions about her towel folding forte:

 Q: How did you learn that you could shape animals out of towels?
A: My sister Cecilia had the idea and we looked them up on YouTube and we made them together.

 Q: What are the different kinds of animals you make?
A: Bunnies, dogs, swans, monkeys, elephants, as well as hearts, baskets, children and women.

 Q: What is the most requested animal from guests?
A: Bunnies.

 Q: What is your favorite shape to make?
A: Bunnies.

 Q: Is there anything else guests may like to know about your process?
A: Yes, it is easy and fun! I love to show others how to make their own towel animals!

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