Get Some Shut Eye

Tired from a long journey? Exhausted from work meetings? In need
of a good night’s sleep – or even just a cozy nap? We invite you to curl up in
one of our inviting, doze-worthy beds. We know how important a good hotel bed
is to a traveler in need of some rest, which is why Pacifica Hotels outfits its rooms
with sumptuous beds so you can catch some z’s.

Regardless of your hotel or destination along the coast, “rest assured”,
all of Pacifica’s rooms are well-equipped to accommodate a serene slumber –
because a great bed is only a good start to a night’s sleep! Here are just a
few reasons to lay your head down in one of our seaside retreats.

Cottage Inn by the sea
is a charming Pismo Beach hotel with beautifully warm and inviting cottage
style rooms that ooze comfort and relaxation. Here you will find breathtaking
views of Pismo’s pristine shoreline while you relax bedside by the fireplace
reading a good book or enjoying an intimate conversation. These rooms are
ideally furnished to ensure sound sleep by the sea.

Laguna Cliffs Inn,
located in Laguna Beach, features rooms with a Mediterranean feel complete with
rich fabrics and warm colors that mirrors the interior.  All rooms come equipped with Beautyrest
that are guaranteed to cradle you to a speedy snooze.

You’ll be impressed with Empress Hotel! A
delightfully charismatic hotel located in the heart of La Jolla village, is
tucked far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet. This hotel offers lavish
linens, a private bath complete with bathrobes, and personal work space. The
rooms embrace a deep calmness that invites repose and reflects the comforts of
home that won’t require you to count sheep.

These are only a few of our many retreat-like properties
that invite guests to enjoy snoozing as much as exploring. Whether visitors want
a quick cat nap between activities during their stay to re-energize before
nightly events, or simply need a sound night’s sleep to arise refreshed, Pacifica
Hotel’s have the recipe for rest.

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