California Wine Month

Every September for the past seven years, the Golden State has celebrated California Wine Month. September marks the start of the grape harvest, making it a perfect time to celebrate the state’s ideal climate, the beautiful wine country landscape, the talented winemaking families, and the state’s illustrious lifestyle and cuisine.

Throughout the month, many businesses toast this state’s cherished wine culture. You can cheers with the locals at any of these celebratory wine festivals lining the California Coast:

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A few facts:

  • California is the fourth largest wine producer in the nation
  • California generates well over 90% of America’s wines
  • California is responsible for $18.5 billion in retail wine sales in the U.S.
  • With assorted wineries lining its coast, California produces the most bountifully diverse blends of wine from the tip of the south through the long stretch up north
  • California’s commitment to sustainability and to the environment makes it a leading agricultural wine- making pioneer

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