Beachside Restaurant and Bar Brings Brunch to Weekdays

Weekends seem to have all the fun sometimes, but Beachside Restaurant and Bar is changing that with a new brunch concept. Bringing some excitement to weekdays, Beachside now offers patrons brunch from 6:30am-2:30pm Monday-Friday (in addition to the regular weekend brunch).

Beachside knows that feeling when you want eggs at two in the afternoon or a burger at 8am, so it has launched a menu sure to satiate that need for a brunch buzz. Offering a bevy of breakfast favorites like Eggs Benedict and Blueberry Pancakes,   as well as a load of lunch staples like burgers, salads and pasta, there are plenty of dishes to keep the “breakfast-or-lunch?” weekday diners happy.

Located in the Jamaica Bay Inn hotel, Beachside is the newest culinary addition to the Marina. Its waterfront location offers spectacular views of the passing boats and idyllic scenery, making a weekday brunch even more desirable.

For more information on Beachside or to make reservations visit  or call 310.439.3033


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