Pismo Beach’s Beautiful Butterflies Arrive

Every winter between November and February, thousands of Monarch Butterflies migrate south to the warm sanctuary of Pismo Beach, which has the largest aggregation of Monarchs in the United States.

Pismo Beach Grove, the largest butterfly conserve in California, currently has a count of 23,000 Monarchs and is less than two miles from Pacifica’s Cottage Inn hotel. Now is the perfect time of year to visit Pismo and witness this beautiful creature, as well as one of the best beaches along the California coast.

The Pismo Beach Grove is free and open from 10am-4pm daily, with informational seminars given by knowledgeable Monarch experts at 11am and 2pm.

For more information on the Pismo Beach Monarch Grove, visit: http://www.monarchbutterfly.org/grove.htm

To book a room at Cottage Inn, call 805.773.4617 or visit http://www.cottage-inn.com/

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